Polytech Industries Inc. can open up new possibilities for cost effective low and medium quantities of structural foam applications. For almost any part you might need, Polytech is your one-stop shop from start to finish.


  • Polytech can accept any CAD file posted on our FTP, and can design and build molds in house with CAD/CAM programmed CNC equipment for temperature controlled single cavity, multiple cavity and family tooling.
  • Polytech has developed a cost effective LPM technology for providing class A molded components for the low quantity applications. This unique LPM technology minimizes sink marks which are apparent in standard injection molded components.
  • Polytech will work with your designers and engineers, assisting with designs for the most cost effective approach for tooling and molded components.
  • Polytech can mold parts from .125” up to 1” thickness and more with localized areas as thin as .080”.
  • Polytech can mold small parts that you can hold in your hand, and large parts up to 10 lbs.


Unique molding

To meet industry's demanding standards, Polytech molds components in Polyfoam IV structural foam material, a high impact Polystyrene (HIPS) with a UL listed 94V-O flame rating. Part design would be similar to any standard structural foam or molded component with normal draft angle, nominally; two degrees is desirable. However, if design or special clearances demand less draft, our engineering group will gladly assist in mold design to accomplish the desired result. Nominal wall thickness from .156" to .250" is usually established in accordance with part size. Uniform wall thickness is desirable. However, thinner or thicker sections can be accomplished, if needed, for design features, mounting bosses, or switch installation.

In-house Tooling

In-house tooling capabilities include CAD/CAM, Solid Modeling, Mold Flow Analysis, and CNC machining centers. Our engineering department is equipped with the latest CAD/CAM equipment and can accept IGES, STEP, and Native CAD files including Pro E and Solid Works. Files can be uploaded on our FTP site.


Painted surfaces can be textured with low or high profile in fine, medium, or coarse, textured surfaces. Molded in or heat welded inserts can be installed. However, use of a type "B" high profile thread screw provides excellent holding power at lower cost and ease of installation, eliminating the need and cost of threaded inserts.

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