• Bezels


    • Custom Built
    • Superior Product Recognition
    • Low Cost, High Performance


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  • Business

    • Performance
    • Wide Array of Applications
    • Versatile


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  • Carts

    • Mobility
    • Ease of Application
    • Rugged Portability


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  • Enclosures

    • Optimum Product Placement
    • Instrument Protection
    • Rugged


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  • Industrial

    • Durable
    • Easy Maintenance
    • Protective


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  • Medical

    • Dependability
    • Safety
    • Accuracy


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Polytech Industries

There is always a need in industry for high quality molded parts for low to medium volume production quantites. Designers and manufacturers are often faced with high tooling costs and long lead times, even when only lower part quantities are needed.

Polytech has changed that. Since 1983 we have been growing a company that has continually increased its capabilities, capacity, and quality. Sure, we can slash your initial investment costs and lead times, but we can also bring you a range of services that will free up your in-house resources. We can offer turn-key service -- from design to delivery, ready for your production line. 

Polytech has positioned itself to become a strategic partner by helping you attain your long term goals.  We can improve your time to market while freeing you up to concentrate on the core competencies of your company.



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Benefits of Polytech

Turn-key service

You can concentrate your resources on other project needs


Aluminum temperature controlled molds for repeated quality, part after part, run after run

Multi-cavity molds for smaller, more complicated parts, greater savings


Quantities from 100 to over 10,000

Molds as large as 50" x 30" for molding, and machine tooling up to 80" x 30"


Thermoplastic Polyfoam IV™ is a high-impact structural foam with high flex modulus and flame rating UL 94V-0